Throughout my life,

I've found myself consistently being drawn to some of the stranger sounds of music. Listening to Peter Gabriel & King Crimson in my father's Saab as a young kid- falling in love with Radiohead and Boards of Canada in my high school years- performing some of the more ear-trying works of Giancito Scelsi and Iannis Xenakis in my college chamber ensembles and solo recitals... for some reason, they've always stuck out as music I've easily related to. 

At the same time, my empathetic attitude finds a common thread amongst these stranger tones with the music of the more accessible. I find that the most important attribute music can contain is it's conviction; whether you're recording a slowed down clock on a tape machine or rubbing a piece of a paper to create white noise in the background of a composition, I believe it must have the same conviction as the music that we all can relate to; The Beatles and Paul Simon's, the J.S Bach, Mozart's and everything in between.. Whether those emotions are jovial or melancholy, they are unapologetically real. 

Herein lies my philosophy behind my debut record "everybody shares a name". My experiences, though solely my experiences, are simply my avenue to express my conviction- a shared emotion that all empaths and explorers of the heart can feel. I believe it is no different than your band next door putting their blood sweat and tears heart into their music of choice, or the acclaimed folk artist fingerpicking her way into the hearts of millions with her introspective lyrics. What binds us all together is the common thread of being human, of being emotionally driven creatures, of experiencing what it is like to be alive by taking all of the trials and tribulations our lives can endure.