Sean Rubin is a Hartford, CT based song-driven musician. Upon receiving his degree in classical double bass, Sean spent half a decade honing in his skills as a producer (Goodnight Blue Moon, Broca’s Area), and performer. Here, Sean represents this chapter of his career as a songwriter with his debut album “everybody shares a name”.


Recorded in the winter while living at Casa De Warrenton, “everybody shares a name” takes it's lead from classic golden age songwriters of the mid-late 20th century, all the while nodding towards a style of music that lives a bit more left of center. His passion for the avant garde, the thrill of noise as an instrument as well as the art of production by use of 4 track cassette recorders weave in and out of this dynamic album. At the core of his songs is a deep sense of conviction and sentiment which allude to an unapologetic, yet introspective look at life experiences we all share.